Development prospects

A career in project management

Career development at ASYMPTOTE Pm

ASYMPTOTE Pm provides its employees with ongoing support to become true specialists in project management.


As soon as you arrive at ASYMPTOTE Pm, we give you a welcome package so that you have all the necessary administrative elements at hand.

When you first visit the head office or your work establishment, the Director of Operations of your region (or his assistant) will introduce you to all the administrative and support staff.

You will be put in touch with the technical department and/or the Advisor who will support you throughout the assignment to which you will be allocated. From your first assignment, then regularly, you will be invited to cohesion lunches or dinners, as well as to REX (feedback) evenings, in order to dialogue with other consultants and the site staff.


ASYMPTOTE Pm is a training organisation (no. 11 92 05 88 392).
Launched in 2009, the “CHAMPION” program provides project management training for our employees.

This program allows us to:

  • Respond to a peak in activity with competent and qualified staff.
  • Standardise work methods and tools.
  • Perfect the skills of our employees.
  • Secure the level of skills and business expertise.


In the early years, it enables engagement with a variety of projects in order to quickly build up skills:

  • Discover a wide variety of business sectors (petrochemicals, nuclear, chemicals, pharmaceutical...)
  • Rapidly evolve in terms of know-how and feedback.
  • Work on technical and complex projects.
  • Manage and participate in major projects in France and abroad.

Learn team management and mentor new consultants

In order to strengthen our management system and to reward our committed and involved employees, we annually appoint in-house technical advisors.

True references from a technical point of view, and with good pedagogical skills, these employees provide mentorship to newcomers and are a valuable help in customer relations.
Several advisors are chosen from among our employees each year.

Support for obtaining certifications

Throughout your career, you continue to be trained. We support our employees in obtaining PMP® certification from the PMI® (a globally recognised training program), and this at the national level.


Aware of digital issues and new process digitalisation technologies. Developing our company means investing in the businesses of tomorrow, with digitalisation at the heart of our philosophy.

ASYMPTOTE Pm is dedicated to innovation by offering high-performance tools and methods that have been successfully tested on numerous projects. Our employees are stakeholders in our innovation process, which allows us to stand out and offer high value-added assignments.


Our specialty in project management is being at the forefront of our field of activity and proposing new and innovative solutions. Lasting success is therefore also and above all based on the human dimension.

Constant methodological guidance and support

Enabling our employees to be integrated under the best conditions and to be able to progress constantly within the company.
We recruit throughout the year and even in pre-project phases, so don’t hesitate to apply !