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Project Preparation

Expertise and supervision

Steering and technical supervision of industrial projects

Within the framework of your new works or maintenance projects, ASYMPTOTE Pm can put its technical expertise at your service for the preparation, piloting, and technical supervision of your projects, in disciplines such as boilermaking, piping, structural steelwork, civil engineering, electricity, and instrumentation.

Our expertise can be offered to you across all industrial sectors, particularly in petrochemicals, refining, nuclear, heavy chemicals, gas & energy and pharmaceuticals.

This technical assistance can take the form of integrating experienced technicians and engineers into your organisation, or mobilising a complete team managed by a leader.

In the latter case, our intervention can be proposed to you in the form of a flat rate fixed on the basis of a previously defined perimeter. It is on this basis that our leader will be responsible for reporting to you regularly on the progress of our activities.

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