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Project Management Training

In addition to its expertise in project management Parlym Project Management is also an approved training organisation (number: 11 92 05 88 392) and offers external and internal training courses.

The courses taught are:

Theoretical training in Project Management: generalities, planning, physical progress measurement systems, curves and histograms, reporting, costing, risk analysis.

Cost control training: project cost control (BCWP, ACWP, earned value theory) / cost to completion calculation / multi-project and management of cost plans, expenditure phasing.

Planning training: general presentation / parameterisation / WBS, codification, ID code, activity code, resources, links, margins, critical path analysis / implementation with real industrial cases.

Training on the e-CARE tool: Management of Digital prescription tables:  Implementation, Administration, Operation and User Training, Analysis, Reporting.

Training on the e-ASY tool: User training, Analysis, Reporting.


Since 2009, we have developed the concept of the “CHAMPIONS” session, which consists in recruiting, each quarter, young junior engineers from schools with a generalist focus (ENSAM, Centrale Marseille, Ecole des Mines, UTBM...), and training them internally in project management before integrating them into our teams.

Following theoretical training on project management methodology and tools, our junior engineers are integrated into operational project management teams on industrial sites. They are then accompanied by our leading or experienced employees in order to perfect their training and then be able to take charge of a project in complete autonomy. This concept initiated in 2009 and has proven to be a great success, enabling our employees to develop their skills internally while standardising our working methods and tools.


Parlym Project Management offers pre-scheduled sessions or sessions at dates adapted to your needs, at its premises or the location of your choice, for maximum flexibility.

Our training courses, both theoretical and practical, are generally organised over three days, around concrete project management cases such as the planning of a unit shutdown, or a multidisciplinary project of an industrial nature.

They are also an opportunity to meet with other participants from different industrial sectors, and to exchange and debate with other companies about our business lines.

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