The Management of Turnaround

01-picto-arret-uniteThanks to its confirmed determination to move forward constantly with detailed, widely tested and specifically developed methodologies, today ASYMPTOTE is a leader in the field of managing turnarounds.

Our service provision is most often proposed as a fixed price transaction on the basis of quantities and a scope determined by the client's specifications.

In general it includes: the definition of needs with the development of a collection of task requests accompanied if necessary by a challenging phase, the detailed preparation of maintenance works tasks on the stationary equipment of pipes and taps, putting together requisitions for tenders for consultations of external companies.

On the margin of these missions, we can carry out the booking and the management of equipment referred to as bulk material and of the long lead items, as well as the complete management of the logistics aspect of the work site.

The set of these services is always finalised in a complete report of return of experience, in particular, the technical file as constructed.


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