Risks Analysis

Every project, whatever its complexity and its size, is subject to unforeseen turns of events internally and externally, which can sometimes severely threaten the objectives that have been set.
In order to minimise, prevent or avoid the harmful effects of these unforeseen events, ASYMPTOTE, as a neutral operator, offers to carry out for you, with your close cooperation, an analysis of risks, based on four successive sections.

  • The organisation of a "Brainstorming session" in order to register a detailed list by category of the potential risks, and to research and classify the causes of each risk.
  • From these discussions, and from the experience of the operators, to analyse the modes of faults, their effects and their criticality, thus making it possible to evaluate the probability of occurrence of each risk, as well as its seriousness (FMEA approach).
  • Define the thresholds of acceptability of the risks.
  • And finally to develop the data sheet of each risk including in particular the monitoring of the risks, the corrective actions to be undertaken and the schedule for their application.