Cost Control

02-picto-coutASYMPTOTE offers you solutions for controlling costs through the application of methodologies developed depending on your organisation.

These methodologies will most often be oriented toward obtaining the following results:

  • Controlling costs via a refined analysis of the expenditures invested with regard to the budget for your project and its breaking down, of the negotiation for additional work, or any amendments to the basic transactions. This budgetary control will be done with the help of computer tools or of your dedicated ERP by the keying in of the commitments and the comparison of the commitments with the provisional expenditures.
  • The estimation of costs at completion and the expression of the trends: development of graphics of productivity such as the BCWS (budgeted cost of work scheduled), ACWP (actual cost of work performed curve), BCWP (budgeted cost of work performed curve).
  • An analysis of the discrepancies and the trends, accompanied by recommendations and corrective actions.