Human Ressources Policy

picto rhThe activity of Services and Consulting provision is based primarily on the individuals who participate in it. For this reason, good management and the optimum involvement of the men and women around us constitute the essentials of our policy.

ASYMPTOTE is a young and dynamic structure, with a human dimension, where the salaried employees hold a preponderant place because they represent the Company's capital.

First of all, due to its national establishment and thanks to its clients with an international dimension, it offers you the possibility of working on major projects throughout France in our Ile de France, Rhône Alps, Mediterranean, and Normandy agencies and abroad.

Then, ASYMPTOTE gives very special attention to the staff members that it recruits. The recruitment process consists of an individual interview to evaluate the match between the position and your aspirations, and a second interview in order to approach all the technical aspects. This allows us to take into account the skills and the abilities, as well as the state of mind, which is one of the major criteria for us. In addition, because it is determined to become acquainted with each of the employees, the General Management will meet you at the time your employment contract is signed.

Later the monitoring of the consultants, which is also one of the crucial points of our policy, is done by means of regular interviews with the Business Engineer. In addition, individual interviews allow us to assess the past year and to set objectives for the year to come with a view to managing your career development. For this a discussion is developed on the training to be done for each of you depending on your expectations, your level and the needs according to the projects.

This personnel management methodology is formalised in the different quality procedures of our ISO 9001 certification for all the Group's activities.

In addition, periodically ASYMPTOTE organises evening parties in the course of which all the employees can meet each other and be informed about the Group's development.