Deadlines Control

03-picto-delaisASYMPTOTE offers to manage the duration of your project during all the different phases: Studies, Project Contracts, Procurement, all Building trade works, through the mobilisation of an organic unit of one or more people reporting to your project head.

This unit will ensure the overall assignment of controlling the deadlines, monitoring resources, checking the physical progress and issuing the associated reports.

In the preliminary phase, the unit will very specifically take on the writing up of the procedures, the structuring of the project (WBS), the formatting of the different planning software programs (MSProject, Primavera, PSnext, OPX2, etc.) and the development of the schedules according to different levels of detail.

This first phase will be completed by establishing a tree structure defining the responsibilities and areas of competence of each operator (OBS), and through a study of the optimisation function of the available resources.

In the implementation phase we will develop, according to a pace adapted to your project, analyses of the progress of the project through the intermediary of the appropriate tools (S curves, statistical analyses), the retiming of the tasks "Remaining to be done" with determination of any new critical paths, all matched with proposals for corrective actions in the event of drift.