ASYMPTOTE, A comprehensive range for Project Management

ASYMPTOTE is recognised by the ordering parties of the public and private spheres and constitutes an effective and dynamic partner for your company in the areas of economic, time and technical management.

Setting up a team capable of controlling the quality, the implementation costs and meeting deadlines is the sine qua non condition for a successful project.

After 30 years of experience, ASYMPTOTE has a loyal team of more than one hundred engineers and technicians who will bring you operational and functional solutions for complete supervisory management of all the phases of your projects (from initialisation to commissioning).

ASYMPTOTE operates whatever the size of your project, in France and abroad, for comprehensive assignments or as an integrated team.

Whether on behalf of national or international companies, time and again ASYMPTOTE has given proof of its effectiveness and of its know-how in the implementation of major projects coming from numerous activity sectors.

Full 360° adaptability

ASYMPTOTE is in a position to offer the integration into your organisation of a team connected with your managers. It is capable of working in application of your procedures, of its procedures, or rather of procedures developed jointly and completely adjusted to the specific details of a case.

Active win/win participation

Beyond providing a traditional service, ASYMPTOTE is determined to demonstrate to its clients its sense of duty and its professionalism, by setting up innovative and fixed price solutions, possibly matched with a bonus-malus system, thus signifying its determination to participate actively in the success of your projects and its mastery of skills and know-how.

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Foreword by the president

vial 2Without straying from its original activities and its favourite areas, for nearly 25 years ASYMPTOTE has been offering a comprehensive range of services in project management, with the principal objective of improving the quality of its interventions and the satisfaction of its clients.

Its lasting success is due essentially to the stability of its employees and to their constant progress, connected with the variety of assignments and the continuing technical training. The idea of the team as well, as I see it, has always been fundamental, and enables ASYMPTOTE to be a leader in its activity today.

Since excellence is inevitably a part of this, lasting success depends as well and above all on the human dimensions.

A team progresses especially if the individualities who make it up are in the right place for them, if the relationships are based on speaking truth and therefore on respect for people, and if each one knows how to incorporate a share of compromise and of calling things into question when he/she takes a position.

By inviting you, our valued partner-clients, to share in these fundamental concepts, ASYMPTOTE proposes to deal with your technical and industrial challenges.

I am personally convinced that it is by persevering in cultivating these values that ASYMPTOTE will continue, with you, to strive for perfection.

Didier VIAL

"The grandeur of a profession resides above all in the unity of its people" Saint-Exupéry